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Celebrating 81 Years as....
The Right Choice for Northeast Michigan (1937 - 2018)
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November 20, 2019
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U.S. & State Governmental Links

Find your city or township clerk

Voters can obtain contact information for their clerk by using the Department's Voter Information Center.

Contact your United States Representatives

Find Your U.S. House Representative

Find Your U.S. Senate Representative

President Of The United States

Contact your State of Michigan Representatives

Find Your Michigan House Representative

Find Your Michigan Senate Representative

Governor Of Michigan

Voting Records of your representatives

U.S. Congressional Voting Records

Michigan Congressional Voting Records

Resources & Information

Goverment is Good


President of the United States

President                                                                                                         Hillary Clinton

Michigan Supreme Court

Judge                                                                                                               Deborah Thomas

Judge                                                                                                               Frank Szymanski

Bay County

Sheriff                                                                                                             Troy Cunningham

Prosecutor                                                                                                       Nancy Borushko

Probate Judge                                                                                                

Jan Miner

Road Commissioner                                                                                       

Pat Beson

Monitor Township Supervisor                                                                        

Ken Malkin

Drain Commissioner                                                                                      

Joe Rivet

County Commissioner 1st District                                                                   Michael J. Duranczyk

County Commissioner 2nd District                                                                 

Ernie Krygier

County Commissioner 3rd District                                                                  

Abel Torres

County Commissioner 4th District                                                                  

Kim Coonan

County Commissioner 5th District                                                                   Thomas M. Herek

County Commissioner 6th District                                                                  

Tom Ryder

County Commissioner 7th District                                                                   Michael Lutz

Bay County Clerk                                                                                            Cynthia Luczak

Bay County Treasurer                                                                                     Richard Brzezinski

Bay County Register of Deeds                                                                        Brandon Krause

Bay County Executive                                                                                    

Jim Barcia

Bay City Public Schools – School Board

Barbara Frieden

Lorraine Jeske

Allen Bauer

Thomas A. Baird

Midland County

County Commissioner 1st District                                                                   Connie Methner

Clare County

Sheriff                                                                                                             John Wilson

Alpena County

County Commissioner 3rd District                                                                   Richard Neumann

1st Congressional District

1st District Representative in Congress                                                         

Lon Johnson

4th Congressional District

4th District Representative in Congress                                                         

Debra Wirth

96th State House of Representatives

96th District Representative in State Legislature                                           

Brian Elder

98th State House of Representatives

98th District Representative in State Legislature                                           

Geoff Malicoat

99th State House of Representatives

99th District Representative in State Legislature                                           

Bryan Mielke

103rd State House of Representatives

103rd District Representative in State Legislature                                        

Jordan Stancil

106th State House of Representatives

106th District Representative in State Legislature                                         

Robert Kennedy

Sep 12, 2008

Sep 12, 2008

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